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ALLBLACK is a project of Envero Wine Company that was born with the knowledge acquired from years making wine, tasting and selecting the best grapes, working side by side with the best wineries, until we find what fascinate us and leave us completely ecstasied: a great wine.

The whole project was gradually taking shape, but it was only an idea for the future. Until the definitive trigger for its start-up, which was the discovery of a small exceptional terroir in the Utiel-Requena region. That´s where ALLBLACK started.

Nowadays, we already produce wine in 3 Spanish wine regions of great projection, Utiel-Requena, Toro and Almansa

Varietal Collection, ALLBLACK – Bobal from Utiel-Requena

Our History

Why AllBlack

ALLBLACK means all black = all red grapes. The name alone marks part of the spirit of this project, where the protagonists will be the great autochthonous red grapes that we have in Spain.

Furthermore, our emblem, our image, is a horse, a purebred black horse, ALLBLACK. We likened a pure, strong and elegant black horse to our wines, so this way the style of our wines can be better understood. If we feed a good horse, take care of it, and tame it very carefully, we will have a great horse. In the same way, if we cultivate a great vineyard very carefully and you elaborate its grapes in a very respectful way, we will obtain a great wine.

We seek to express that strength, elegance and character in the wine by offering the market powerful, unforgettable wines, a winning horse.


Finally, we liked ALLBLACK because of its international character, which is where we aspire to reach. Each wine in this collection has its own personality just like the wine varieties, but they all share the same philosophy of preserving their purity, elegance and character.

Our Wines

Varietal Collection and The Bag in Box Project

Within our project, we offer two product collections: the Varietal Collection, a unique series of wines dedicated to the great autochthonous red grapes of our country. On the other hand, we have launched “The Bag in Box Project” where we want to leave behind the cliches surrounding this type of packaging to offer wines of the highest quality.


Find out what varieties we offer in each collection.

DO Utiel - Requena

Varietal Collection

DO Almansa

garnacha tintorera
Varietal Collection

Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León

The bag in box project

Our Vineyards


Currently our wines are made in three different Spanish wine regions: Utiel – Requena located in the province of Valencia, in Toro, in the province of Zamora and in Almansa, in the province of Albacete. Below you can discover more about each one.

Utiel - Requena

DO Utiel-Requena was born in 1932, but its wine tradition dates back more than 2,600 years, which demonstrates the importance of vine cultivation and winemaking in the region, where today, it is still the main driver of the economy of this region.

Utiel and Requena, the main cities, give name to the Denomination of Origin, but it covers a total of nine municipalities. It is an hour’s drive inland from the city of Valencia and is located on a plateau at an average altitude of 750 meters.

It is mainly a red wine region, due to the characteristics of its Mediterranean climate with a certain degree of continentality and its soil. The queen of all of them is the BOBAL grape.

Toro - VT Castilla León

The city of Toro is the main city and the one that gives its name to the Denomination of Origin. The DO covers part of the province of Zamora and several towns in the province of Valladolid, and is one of the regions of Spain with the oldest vineyards, with pre-phylloxera vines. The Queen variety is Tinta de Toro.

With poor soils between 600 and 750 meters above sea level, and a continental Mediterranean climate, it is an area of ​​great winemaking potential as well as great management difficulty.

Tinta de Toro wines (synonymous with Tempranillo) are powerful, with aromas of ripe fruit, a high content of coloring matter, good structure and a great response to long aging.

Our commitment in this region is to offer a tasty, powerful, “purebred” character wine, but well tamed, suitable for any day, and for that we have chosen the Bag in Box format. Type of packaging that unfortunately is not authorized by the DO Toro, being forced to pack under the seal of VT Castilla y León, despite the fact that our vineyards are located in the DO Toro.


The DO Almansa was created in 1966, and is only made up of 8 municipalities in the province of Albacete, and by history, it has always had a close relationship with the old Kingdom of Valencia.

The name of the DO is the name of the main town, Almansa, ans its emblem is its Castle, which stands imposingly on the plateau where we are.

The altitude is very variable, from 700 to 1.100 meters above the sea level, but the weather and the characteristics of its limestone soils, with little organic matter, sandy texture and shallow, make it an area of great oenological value.

GARNACHA TINTORERA is the queen grape of the region, and it is the one we use for our ALLBLACK